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  • What is the working principle of the cleaning machine

    The development of economy has led to the development of textile industry. The cleaning machine is a common equipment in the textile industry, which is used to remove impurities in cotton and roll into pieces. For those who are not familiar with the cleaning machine, what is its working principle? Next, let&#39;s talk about it for you?The cleaning machine can adjust the width of cotton and roll the large wooden tube. It is a special machine for processing cotton tire, which integrates cotton pre

  • The manufacturer explains the daily cleaning, maintenance and operation of the opener

    In the textile raw material processing industry, the opening machine is an essential equipment. As a large-scale impurity removal machine, the machine is mainly used for the release of textile raw materials. Therefore, the daily cleaning and maintenance of the equipment is directly related to the output and quality of the later products. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the management of the staff, the regular maintenance of the equipment is very important. Today, Jinan xinjinlong explain

  • Analysis on the basic requirements of flowering machine design

    Flowering machine is a common equipment in the textile industry. In the design, we should consider not only increasing the output and developing new varieties, but also improving the product quality. Today, Jinan xinjinlong analyzes the basic design requirements of this kind of equipment, hoping to help you.The goal is to make the designed machine achieve small size, light weight, high efficiency, good quality, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, less consumption of materials, low

  • The knowledge of flowering machine is analyzed from many aspects

    As a kind of large-scale mechanical equipment which can remove impurities, the main function of flowering machine is to release the compressed and entangled fiber materials and remove impurities. So what do you know about this kind of equipment? Today, Jinan xinjinlong analyzes the relevant knowledge of this equipment from many aspects.All kinds of fiber materials used in spinning, such as raw cotton, wool, chemical staple fiber, cotton, hemp, polyester, rags, etc., are mostly transported into t

  • How to identify the quality of the opening machine

    Opener is a common textile raw material processing equipment, is the basic equipment in the textile industry, related to the operation of the entire production line. Therefore, the quality of this kind of equipment is very important. Today, xinjinlong introduces how to identify the quality of the opener, hoping to help you.It is reflected in the quality indexes and falling objects of semi-finished products (fiber roll or fiber layer) after opening. These include:1. Type and quantity of impuritie


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