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  • How much do you know about the air flow control skills of the opening machine?

    The opening machine is one of the indispensable equipment in the textile industry. It is mainly used to loosen the textile raw materials and remove impurities. It is a large-scale impurity removal machine. In the process of using the equipment, it is very important to control the air flow. As a professional manufacturer of flowering machine, xinjinlong analyzes the air flow control skills for you today.The moving beater is equivalent to the impeller of the fan. Due to the continuous rotation of

  • Several points for attention when purchasing the opening machine

    Textile industry want to operate normally, most of them need to purchase opener. As a kind of fiber loose machinery, it plays an irreplaceable role in the industry. Today, Jinan xinjinlong analyzes several matters needing attention in purchasing opening equipment, hoping to help you.Opener is a kind of mechanical equipment used to loosen fibers, cotton, textiles and other materials. It can make tangled fibers loose into small pieces or bundles by tearing. At the same time, impurities are removed

  • How to remove impurities by using flowering machine?

    In the textile industry, there is a kind of equipment is very important, it plays a fundamental role in the entire industrial process, this kind of equipment is flowering machine. So how much do you know about this kind of equipment? How does it carry out the miscellaneous work? Today, Jinan xinjinlong shares the process of its miscellaneous work.Before using the flowering machine, it is suggested that we should learn and understand it first, and be familiar with the operation process and use sp

  • Some tips for avoiding the breakdowns of the opening machine

    The opening machine is an excellent equipment in the textile industry, which plays a role in promoting the basic work of textile. Compared with the traditional manpower, this kind of equipment greatly increases the production efficiency. So how much do you know about the maintenance of the equipment? Today, we will introduce several methods to avoid equipment failure.The equipment has excellent product quality and good product performance, and has good effect in the use process. It can improve t

  • This paper introduces several important steps of maintaining the opening machine

    In the normal textile industry, the use of loosening machine is indispensable. Without this equipment, it is impossible to carry out preliminary processing for raw materials. Therefore, the maintenance of the equipment is related to whether the work efficiency can be maintained. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the management of the staff, the manufacturer should pay more attention to the maintenance of the equipment.(1) Cleaning of the whole machine1. Open the protective cover outside


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