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Production line of 1 + 4 opening unit

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In order to remove all kinds of impurities in the opening process of raw materials, a grid shaped dust grid composed of several dust rods is generally installed around the beaters. Under the action of high-speed rotary beaters, the separated fiber blocks and impurities are thrown into the dust grid and collide with the dust rod. The fiber block is retained by the dust rod, and the impurities fall from the dust rod gap. Then, the fiber blocks move forward under the action of the beater's second hit and the airflow. The radian of dust grid, the number of dust rods and the spacing between dust rods are different for different opening and loosening machines, which are mainly selected according to the properties of raw materials and processing requirements. For example, most cotton spinning machines use triangular cross-section dust rods, which have good effect of removing impurities. In order to avoid damaging the scale of wool fiber, the dust rod with circular cross-section is often used in wool opening machinery.

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